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Public Relations with Impact 

Vision PR works with brands and causes who make our society and planet a better place.


our narrative


At Vision PR we take an original approach to storytelling. We believe that your business, brand, or concept is unique, and it is our privilege to tell your story effectively.


Our campaigns provide you with a full range of services from editorial outreach, to events, and social media management to keep your brand in the headlines for all of the right reasons. 

We started with one key mission to make a positive difference, and we work with brands and businesses to promote trends and concepts that benefit our society as a whole.


What We Do









Our Clients

Our clients are our greatest gift. Our mission is a social one, to support brands, organizations, and individuals who bring positive messages into our national and international communities, serve our society, or make our planet and world cleaner, clearer, more ethical, and most importantly more sustainable.


Here are just a  few of the incredible companies we have had the privilege to work with both past and present. 


Sally Kettle 

Rower, mentor, trustee, and extraordinary motivational speaker who has lowered the Atlantic twice. Her Book Sally Odd at Sea is available to purchase now, and her journey is being made into a film Row Girls.

  • Sally Kettle

Mahwash Chaudary 

The poetic voice of a generation,

her voice is both vulnerable and bold and speaks to the #metoo movement. 

  • Vision PR

Derek Bates 

Scientists, political activist, and philosophical thinker Derek Bates is the author of two books, political romance novel 'Shadows in the Wall' and 'Agenda for the Future' mapping out a more interactive and inclusive form of democracy that suits where we are, and where we are heading as a society. 

  • Derek Bates

Edward Daniel

Ethical Vegan Chef and Spiritual guide, as well as being a highlight successful lawyer Edward is the author of Essence ' The Beginners Guide to Veganism' filled with sumptuous recipes, inspiration, poetry and insight from a vegan perspective  

  • Edward Daniel

Brands & Causes  

Forward UK

Men's Attitudes to FGM Press Conference  >

Hatch Africa 

See our work for Hatch Africa and the Hatch Creative Fund  >

Ozoza Lifestyle

View the incredible Lookbook and Catalogue we created for Ooza Lifestyle  >

Quantum Split 

See our insight into the Quantum Split anti-racism and social division 'sound of Change' campaign. >


See our insight into the Jali Personality project and the way we design our space & the way it shapes our personality  >