Men's Attitudes Towards FGM Press Conference

The Men's Attitudes to FGM conference took place in the House of Commons and highlighted the pivotal role that men have to play in speaking to the community and reducing the rates of FGM both in the UK and internationally.

According to leading and award winning FGM charity forward around 60,000 women are at risk of FGM without a single conviction in the UK although we are aware that FGM is practiced here too. This very real and often life threatening practice needs to be reviewed and FORWARD commissioned a research study to understand men's attitudes to FGM and also to harness the positions of men in communities that practice FGM to reduce the rate of procedures and also the impact it has on the lives on young women who undergo FGM.

FORWARD work on critical issues such as FGM, Child Marriage and Fistula for more information please visit

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