Disrupting Expectations - Greenpeace vs Shell

Greenpeace uses LEGO to highlight the impact Shell is having on the environment in this moving and captivating video. ranowski and Sophie Blackburnhttps://soundcloud.com/sophieblackbur...www.legoblockshell.org

Shell's Arctic drilling programme has faced fierce criticism from environmental NGOs and regulators. We are campaigning against this in our Save the Arctic campaign. Drilling in this pristine region risks oil spill under ice that would be impossible to clean up.In that same time period, 16m Shell-branded Lego sets were sold or given away at petrol stations in 33 countries, making Shell a major contributor to Lego's global sales.

Arguably it is the way the film subverts and disrupts expectations that explains why more than 4.5 million people have watched it since it was released earlier this month. More than 520,000 have signed our petition and the internet is talking about how Lego has got it wrong and why fans are so upset with the beloved toy brand.Mixing the familiar with unexpected.

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