Introducing Mahwash Chaudary - Rising Star and Poetic Voice of a Generation

The powerfully unapologetic poetry of Mahwash Chaudary speaks to the #MeToo and #MARCH4Women movements, and the countless women and men who have faced their experiences of sexual exploitation. Her poetic voice is vulnerable yet strong, elegant and bold.

Swan Song just one example is is a fearless reclaiming of one’s heart! It’s a shrill cry breaking the silence that victims of abuse are often bound by. It’s a revival, a resurrection, and a revolution. It says. I won't be a victim anymore. The victim in me dies today and YOUR ( the abuser’s) powers die too.

This is my swan song

The sickening memory

Of what you stole from me

Buried with me in the dirt

This is my swan song

My silenced scream

Echo in my throat

Vibrating against the noose around my neck

This is my swan song

The anxious days

And sleepless nights

Join me in eternal slumber

This is my swan song

The evil you imposed on me

Burns with me at the stake

But keep careful watch of my ashes

See my golden beak protruding from the dust

Watch my glinting wings eclipse your horizon

See a Phoenix rise where my swan expired

And observe the harmonies as I recant my silence

Her full book of poetry will be available to purchase soon, in the meantime if you would like to interview Mahwash or feature her poems please contact

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